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About Me

After starting off in the very structured world of accounting and numbers, I was lucky enough to have the ability to stay at home and raise my children.  As they grew, I started filling my time with gardening. At first, it was just around my house but then I was asked to help my family and friends. Soon what began as a way to enjoy the outdoors, while the kids were at school, became my passion.

With the intention of doing landscape design, I completed the Master Gardner program through Michigan State Extension. Since my kids were still in school, I was able to work the necessary volunteer hours required to complete the program but not the hours required to pursue a career in landscape design.  

As I transitioned back into the workforce, I started working at a nearby nursery doing production work in the late winter / early spring. I learned about planting plugs, combos and watched baby plants grow and head into retail for customers to enjoy. I loved every minute of this job but after eight seasons, I missed the creativity of taking a space, whatever that space may be, and filling it with just the right blend of plants, flowers and materials to end up with something unique and beautiful.

So what was next? I took a chance and reached out to someone whose work spoke to me, the incomparable Deborah Silver.  Those who know...KNOW! For those who do not, Deborah Silver is THE premier landscape designer in Southeastern Michigan.  I was given the opportunity to work at Detroit Garden Works and then for Deborah Silver & Co. I have spent the past six years continuously training, developing and honing my skills from one of the best in our business.


Now I feel like it is my time.  I want to take the years of hard work, experience, education and training and most of all my passion and share it with others.  My mission with le petit jardin is to provide the feeling of joy and tranquility that comes from being in a beautiful garden and share it with anyone and everyone.  Whether its is designing containers, large or small, consulting on creating a landscape or quaint flower bed, I want to help you create your own personal le petit jardin.  

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